Will you ever stop busting?


Someday, somehow, I’ll bust Phineas & Ferb.

You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE! Heheh.

Hi Candace! :3 What's your favorite color?

Yellow.. the color of Jeremy’s hair.. Ohh Jeremy… <3

Candace, where do you think perry goes whenever phineas and ferb can´t find him?

Now that I thought of it,I have no idea… maybe he’s taking a walk or something… he is a platypus, he doesn’t do much.

OMG, CANDACE!! I LOVEEE YOU!! Can I have your autograph?

Sure. Here you go. (:


Whats Your Favorite Thing To Do BESIDES Be With Jeremy or stacy and Busting Your Bros?

Going shopping. :)

Measure that pencil neck of yours. I BET ITS 5 FEET LAWNG.

HEY! That’s offensive! Anyways, it’s five and a half inches long.

Phineas and Isabella kissed. (:

They WHAT?!

Major Jeremy progress!

So Stacy and I were in line for movie tickets when guess who walked by? Jeremy! A total chance encounter! He was going to a different movie, but he STOOD IN LINE WITH US! For TWO WHOLE MINUTES. It was practically a date!

I’m getting weird and dirty messages from anons..

Um, can you guys stop that? you’re creeping me out.


Could you tell stacy about how awesome/handsome i am?

Um, of course, anon.. o.o